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See what your Messenger contacts have been posting to Flickr! The Flickengr tab displays a slideshow of the 25 most recent photos that each of your contacts have uploaded. If you… More info


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YRB Ralph

Zync, a research prototype from Yahoo Research Berkeley, allows you to watch videos together with your friends, in sync and in real time. Instead of just IMing URLs and waiting for… More info


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30 Boxes for Messenger

30 Boxes

30 Boxes allows you to manage your calendar, set your away messages, and keep up with buddy updates from your friends' MySpace, Flickr, Webshots, blogs, and more. More info


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WackyB Twitter Sync


Twitter-Sync is a new plug-in from WackyB that lets you keep Twittering away when using your favorite Instant Messenger :) It's main features are: 1) Keeps your Messenger statu… More info


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Yahoo Avatar World Preview 3

Yahoo Messenger Team

Note: You need Yahoo Messenger in order to use this plug-in, download it here: Socialize in your own world, invite friends, share files, watch movies us… More info


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