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Plug-ins are handy applications you can add to Yahoo Messenger for Windows (download - more info) to get news, play games, listen to music and more. Use plug-ins on your own or load a plug-in during an IM conversation to do fun things with your friends.

Yahoo Movie Trailer

Yahoo Messenger Team

Check out the latest movie trailers right from within Messenger! Click on a poster to see a preview, get showtimes and more! Don't forget you can use the Movie Trailer Conversa… More info


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YRB Ralph

Zync, a research prototype from Yahoo Research Berkeley, allows you to watch videos together with your friends, in sync and in real time. Instead of just IMing URLs and waiting for… More info


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WebEx Co-Browse

WebEx Communications, Inc.

With WebEx Co-Browse, browse the web together instead of IMing URLs back and forth. Shop together, make travel plans, view photos together and much more. Use of WebEx Co-Browse pl… More info


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WackyB Twitter Sync


Twitter-Sync is a new plug-in from WackyB that lets you keep Twittering away when using your favorite Instant Messenger :) It's main features are: 1) Keeps your Messenger statu… More info


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Yahoo Việt Ký

Yahoo Vietnam

Yahoo Việt Ký - Hiểu Nhau Hơn. Tiện ích bổ trợ này giúp cho người dùng có thể gõ tiếng Việt có dấu để giao tiếp thuận tiện hơn, dễ hiểu… More info


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Last post, news, article on - Nguyen Duc Canh High School, Thai Binh, Viet Nam… More info


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