Features: Yahoo Messenger for the Web

Check out the chart below to see what features are available for this version. Compare features in all versions.


Instant Messaging: Send text messages in real-time to your friends on Yahoo Messenger.

SMS (Text Messaging): Send text messages from Messenger to your friends mobile phones for free.

IM with Friends on Other Networks: IM with friends who use Windows Live™ Messenger, Reuters Messaging, and Lotus Sametime — right from Yahoo Messenger.


Contact Search Bar: Quickly find a contact to IM, call, SMS or more.

Yahoo Search: Start a web search right from your Yahoo Messenger window.

Stealth/Privacy Settings: Make yourself appear online to some friends, and offline to others.

Display Images: Display an image to represent yourself to your friends.

Custom Status Messages: Tell your friends what you're doing, seeing or feeling by customizing your online status message.

Customizable Fonts & Colors: IM with a font, color and style that suits your personality.