Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding

Never miss a call again!

You can forward your incoming Messenger voice calls to another phone number like your mobile, home or work phone. Your incoming voice calls, including free PC-to-PC calls, can be automatically forwarded, even when you are signed out of Messenger. Please note that you need to have Phone Out account to be able to use call forwarding. Call forwarding is available on the following versions: Windows, Mac

To set up call forwarding: In Yahoo Messenger for Windows, click the “Yahoo Voice…” button at the top of your Yahoo Messenger window, then choose Call Forwarding. In the Mac version, go to the Messenger menu, select Preferences, then click on “Voice & Calls”.

When a call is forwarded from Yahoo Messenger, the call is charged to the balance on your Phone Out account. For example, if a call is forwarded from Yahoo Messenger to your mobile phone and you spend five minutes on the call, your Phone Out account will be debited for five minutes of call time at the appropriate rate depending on the origin of the call. See rates

Turning off call forwarding is easy too. Just return to the same area where you first turned it on and disable it. Any incoming calls will then be answered in Yahoo Messenger and your callers will be able to leave you voicemail messages.